What is a Tire Rotation Service?

What is a Tire Rotation Service?

        Tire Rotation

What is a Tire Rotation:

A tire rotation means you are switching the front tires with the rear tires.

  • With the engine in front, the front tires will wear out faster due to the additional weight on the tires.
  • A front-wheel drive vehicle will wear out the front tires even faster because the tires are also receiving all of the engine power to move the vehicle.
  • The rotation pattern depends on whether your car is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. For front-drive cars, the front tires take the place of the rear tires without switching sides. The rear tires move to the front, but they do switch sides.

Benefits of Regular Tire Rotations:

  • Helps with Traction – Tire Rotations prevent uneven tire wear. With equal tire wear, your car has 4 tires with equal amounts of traction.
  • Protects Against Blowouts – Blowouts can happen as a tire wears out. Tire rotation causes the tires to all wear evenly over time.
  • Smoother Ride – If your car has one tire that has worn out faster than the others, its ability to absorb road imperfections is decreased, resulting in a worse ride.
  • Maintains Efficiency – Evenly worn tires reduce drag and prevent strain on the engine, which equals better MPG.

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