High-Quality, Budget-Friendly Windshield Wiper Blades

Maintain Outward Visibility No Matter the Weather

Windshield Wiper Blades

Does Climate Play a Part in Wiper Blade Replacement:

  • Climate does play a part in how your wiper blades function. If your car is outside most of the year, in hot weather, the sun will dry out the rubber of the blade making it brittle and crack. That will lessen its ability to wipe away the rain, bugs, and other road debris that dirty the windshield.

  • In winter, protecting your wiper blades with a car or windshield cover can help protect them against freezing to the glass of the windshield. Before using your wipers, try to clear as much snow and ice manually while running the defroster to de-ice the wipers.

Wiper Blade Replacement Intervals:

  • It is recommended you replace your wiper blades annually.
  • <dealer name> has a full selection of wiper blades for every car, truck, and SUV.
  • We will install only the correct blades, sized to fit your car and windshield.

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